Autumn Equinox, Tuesday 20 March

Moontime Diary  Meditationthe sun moves into Aries and day and night are the same length.

The moon is still waning and will be moving into Pisces at 11:06 am which makes the next two days a time to focus on your feet. A foot reflex massage will be relaxing and a lymphatic drainage massage detoxifying, both very beneficial and effective now.

Pisces a water sign, is very fertile and these days are also well spent in the garden. Water, fertilize and mulch the soil while it is absorbing and retaining nutrients until the impulse will change from waning to waxing at the next New Moon this coming Friday.

Until then, your time is also best used to finalize some of the things you were working on. Tidy up loose ends,  consolidate,  reflect on the past lunar cycle ( the last four weeks and the last year) and start thinking about the beginning of the next one starting on Friday.

New Moon on Friday 23 March, the best time to listen to your higher self

at 1:37 am when the moon is new  at 2 degrees in Aries, the impulse changes from waning to waxing.

Aries a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars  

is associated withpioneering spirit, leadership, excellence in sport, enterprise, exploratory zeal and/ or the lack of any of the above. This energy gives us courage to go out and explore, to initiate an exciting process, company or physical feat.

Dropping out-dated habits and successfully replacing them with new goals, positive intentions and actions is best done every new moon. Setting intentions at a new moon begins a dialogue between yourself and your higher self, sun and moon, spirit and soul.

Take a moment and sit down, maybe with a scarlet red candle burning and a crystal in your hand. Ponder and ask yourself some relevant questions related to issues associated with Aries. Give yourself a bit of time to focus your thoughts or meditate. Listen and take notes of  ideas coming up that facilitate  positive change.
Here are some examples:

How can I
• now begin that project I have been putting off?
• face the future with self confidence?
• make positive changes in my life and leave the negative restrictions from the past behind?

The patterns, positive or negative, are set by the first quarter moon and continue to develop throughout the build up phase. A positive attitude towards overcoming obstacles (restrictions from the past) will affect an expansive and constructive period of growth. Reassess the situation, identify necessary changes and integrate your experiences as required.

A nice Aries Affirmation:

 Within myself I have the strength and courage

to stand on my own feet and explore the unknown.

Aries rules the head 

To appreciate and nurture your eyes you can  lay cooling cucumber slices on your eye lids  and while relaxing, really appreciate and maybe even thank them for their wonderful service.

On Sunday 25 March

the moon is ingressing into Taurus and favors any nourishing and regenerative treatments. We also benefit from a diet high in fibre and low in salt while the moon is in an earth sign.

Do you want to be able to pick the best times for activities

regarding health and wellbeing, home and garden, business?

Try tuning many daily routines to the moon and experience what it really means to go with the flow.

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