New Moon In Capricorn Means Business

Plan Your Year Ahead

New Moon in Capricorn 19 °13′ on Sunday 10 January 2016 at 12:30 pm


A Fascinating Way To Take Advantage Of The Moon’s Impact 

Dear All,

What would you like to achieve in 2016? How do you want your life to be at the end of 2016?

We all know the Moon affects things here on Earth such as the tides, but what you may not know is the equally strong impact it has on us individually and collectively. Think about it…if the Moon’s energy is powerful enough to move the oceans, influences the growth and decay cycle of plants….. doesn’t it make sense that it would be powerful enough to affect people too?

Believe it or not, it does influence our lives in some very important ways you can’t imagine. Few of us know it’s true power over nearly every aspect of our daily lives, from head to toe, from careers to fashion, from family to friends…literally everything.


You would have noticed that some people seem to achieve great results and have their life running fairly smoothly while others struggle just to get through the month and year? One might be tempted to think they are ‘just lucky’…… however! Looking closer, you’ll find they have a knack for efficient planning and implementing their activities.

If you think you are an inexperienced “planner” then consider the following:

On Sunday 10 January 2016 at 12:30 pm we have the Sun and Moon conjunct in Capricorn. This is THE New Moon of the year which relates to achievement and business! Everything associated with it will be favored and more accentuated. 

Capricorn, a cardinal earth element is symbolized by the mountain goat and ruled by the planet Saturn. Both relate to 10th House affairs and are associated with matter and materialism, personal ambitions, discipline, dedication, patience, structure, the need for recognition and status in life, fathers, male authority and authoritarian figures.

How to Harness this Power and Make PROFOUND Changes in Your Life… 

It’s simple…

Ideally take some quiet time this next Sunday lunch or afternoon for a bit of a ritual/ routine. Use this time to find new and more constructive approaches for this coming year. Ask yourself question relevant to Capricorn relates matters, brainstorm your answers, reflect and write down your thoughts. It’s good practice to repeatedly ask yourself your questions, finding many answers helps your mind to expand. Take notes of new possibilities and observe how a strategy developes.

For example:

How can I stay upbeat and

  • Approach my father/boss/work/project with intelligence and dedication?
  • Apply what I learned through my business, responsibilities and experiences in the last year?
  • Become a figure of authority in my own right?

Set intentions and goals

For example:

  • My goal is to be successful/improve my work/ boss/ father relationship. My plan is to be reliable, stay dedicated and communicate patiently …. How can I do that? ….
  • I want to expand my customer/client base. My plan is to set up a structure which improves my customers experience and encourages them to spread the word.
  • My goal is to broaden my knowledge/expertise and make it available to the right audience. How can I do that? Set time aside to read books and blogs relating to my business/ interest…

These are only examples and planning your business year ahead is just one area where knowing the effects of the moon can have a dramatic impact on your life. There are so many more!

Did you know…

The moon helps influence successful outcomes for everything from visiting the dentist to getting beauty treatments?

  • You should avoid surgical procedures and vaccinations during a full moon?
  • There’s a best time to schedule a wedding?
  • There’s a particularly good time to buy shoes for sensitive feet?
  • You can strengthen the regrowth of your hair by washing and cutting your hair on certain days?
  • There’s a best time to schedule a job interview that will increase the chances you’ll get the position?
  • Financial planning will have a better chance of being successful if conducted during a new moon?
  • You should move into a new house or flat during only two of the moon’s phases, and avoid the other times of the month?

It’s all TRUE And it’s all based on the traditional knowledge that we’ve unfortunately forgotten as we turn further and further away from nature’s cycles.

How Can You Make This Work For You? 

You could spend years studying and learning everything. Spend hundreds of dollars on books and research material,  devote hours of your day to research…in short, you could do what I’ve been doing for years. And it would be great if you did. But there’s a MUCH simpler, much easier and much less expensive way…

I’ve taken everything I know and put it into the “Moontime Diary 2016.” The diary lays bare the secrets of EVERYTHING mentioned above, PLUS:

  • It helps you timing everyday chores (such as cleaning your house, laundry, baking… ).
  • It helps you to make appointments on the most favorable days (massage, beautician, dentist…).
  • It increases your awareness and understanding of natural cycles, Astrology, crystals, your own and others emotions
  • And more….
MTD plus MTC 2016 rgb



The true intention of the Moontime Diary 2016 is to act as your personal guide for every day of 2016, showing you the best times of the month to successfully perform the tasks that are important in your life. This way you will have great results while saving time, effort and resources.

The Moontime Diary 2016 has all the dates and tools you need to successfully “fine tune to the moon.” Everything is tailored for Australia, so you know you’re getting the most accurate information you can find.



“I bought the Moontime Diary…only a few weeks ago and I can’t understand how I have lived life without it!! I feel like I have been walking around with my eyes shut and now it’s like a fog has lifted and I can see clearly to plan my days and the rest of the year!! The daily tips are amazing, and I actually find I am getting things done that I normally think about doing but never actually do!!! (You know, cleaning the windows!!) I have become so much more organised because I am now looking in my diary for a good date to do certain things, like book in with my hairdresser next Thursday because I have curly hair!! I will be buying next year’s for sure…and every year for evermore!!!” — Briallyn H.

“How I love your diary, it’s my bible and goes with me everywhere. I even travel with it. As you know I’m a huge fan and have purchased one every year since discovering them 4 years ago. I also want to mention how recently I went to the movies with my sister and I had the most enjoyable time. Later that night I wondered about what made it so special the movie was like any other movie we had seen, but the day was filled with a different type of energy. The best way to describe it was it was just so enjoyable. A few days later I looked back at my diary and noticed that on that day it said ‘great day for the movies’. I was amazed and astonished. The moon is a wonderful and powerful guiding force in our life. I use your diary for many events.  Thanking you again and again.” — Julia Burdock