Hi to a waxing moon in Gemini on this beautiful light summers day.

Moontime CouplesGemini relates to the flowering part of the plant. Tending to your flowers and flowering vegetables (like cauliflower, chamomile, cabbage, nasturtium, broccoli, marigold, sunflower, borage) supports the plants absorption mode on many levels and facilitates healthy growth and abundant flowering.

Gemini MoonGemini being an air sign makes for a light and bright day, the atmosphere is usually dry and sometimes even glary. It is a good time to air your bedding, dust and vacuumand it is a really great day to clean windows, mirrors and any shiny, hard surfaces. Try it out for yourself .

By eating edible flowers, you supply those nutrients which in turn your body can absorb more easily now. Absorbing, adding, retaining because the moon is waxing.  At the times of Gemini moon, we absorb fat more readily as well!!!

BorageGemini also rules the lungs! Paint, paint stripper and solvents ect. are more readily absorbed by your lungs when the moon is in Gemini. So if you can avoid inhaling toxic fumes, you do yourself a great favor! Next weekend when the moon is waning and ingresses into Libra (early on Sunday morning) you will find this is a better time for these types of work. Because of being this close to the full moon in Cancer (next Monday afternoon) this absorption and retainingtendency is even stronger now.

Howeverthis is a great weekend to socialize with neighbors and friendsand on Sunday communication with your family will be quite nurturing. Meditation, breathing and singing exercises are all very beneficent and more effective while the moon is in Gemini – too good an opportunity to miss for any musician.

Moontime Diary  MeditationThis Gemini stimulation is also good to catch up on emails and phone calls, private and business. Trading, news paper adds, shops with interesting goods, garage sales and markets should do well too.

Gemini comes in many disguises; one is the second hand car dealer, great time to shop around for one – a second hand car that is. Howeverthe price would be lower Friday next week, when the moon is waning in Virgo – just not sure if the car is still there ….

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Wish you good health and fun cheers Iris