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Have you ever wondered why …

  • Some people seem to have a knack for efficient planning, achieve great results and have their life running fairly smoothly while others struggle just to get through the day?
  • Your neighbor’s organic garden is always lush with flowers, fruits and vegetables, while yours never “gets off the ground?”
  • Certain people seem to radiate health and well‐being, while others are always run down and stressed?



Believe it or not, there is a good reason ~ much of it comes down to …

Being aligned to the seasons of the year, the cycles of the moon and the flow of the day …. Like fishermen, taking the tide out instead of struggling against it.

We all know the moon affects things here on earth such as the tides, but what you may not know is the equally strong impact it has on us individually and collectively. Think about it…if the moon’s energy is powerful enough to move the oceans, influence the growth and decay cycle of plants….. doesn’t it make sense that it would be powerful enough to affect people, too? It does. And in some very important ways you can’t imagine.

How to harness this Power and make PROFOUND CHANGES in Your Life …

So if you’ll stick with me for just a few minutes, I’ll show you exactly how what’s going on “up there” affects nearly every aspect of our lives “down here” — from head to toe, in your home and garden, from family to friends…literally everything. So let’s get started with a little background about me and how I came to discover the moon’s truly awesome power…

So Who Am I …

I’m a pretty normal, hormonal woman and mother who always had a strong love of nature and deeper interest in health. I used to be a nurse before I developed a slant towards natural therapies, herbal and homeopathic medicines, Astrology and later Anthroposophy. While pregnant with my son (1991), I began to take more responsibility for our well being. I started studying and researching. I read anything relating to a healthy, natural lifestyle I could get my hands on, pre internet.

My mum gifted me with many years of a subscription to a German, natural health magazine. Every month I was excitedly awaiting the arrival of the next edition. She also gave me that book about the moon’s influence on our well being, home and garden which years later sparked the idea of the first Moontime Diary 2007.

Trying to keep us healthy didn’t mean that we always were healthy. I remember colds and flues, running noses, broken bones, ear and head aches and the like….. But the method I developed, namely to support the body in what it is trying to do, still works really well. We developed a strong immune system and good understanding of how our body functions.

Over the years I attempted to grow my favorite healing herbs and vegetables. With great difficulty at first, until I started working with the moon! …. This is when a few pieces fell together and the Moontime Diary started to develop.


Gardening is one area where the effects of the moon are easily felt and understood

  • Did you know/notice that seeds planted in your garden tend to grow into healthier, stronger and more productive plants if you plant them the week BEFORE a full moon?


  • Did you know/notice that by mowing your lawn at certain times you can encourage strong regrowth? Yes, there are times you can mow lawns and prune plants to slow down their speed and strength of re growths.


Successful gardeners and farmers grow healthy and abundant food by planting, watering, fertilizing, harvesting and tending to their crops aligned to the moon. Once  we realize how it works, we can apply the same principles to our own well being.

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Did you know that:

  • Avoiding a selective surgical procedure on the days before and during the full moon helps prevent complications?
  • You are more sensitive to pain on the days closer to the full moon than you would be before the new moon?
  • There is an ideal time to buy comfortable shoes for sensitive feet?
  • You can strengthen and tone your different organs by drinking herbal teas such as Stinging Nettle ( excellent for kidneys and bladder) at certain times?

This is all based on traditional observations and physics and influences our lives if we ‘believe’ it or not.

Why is this CRUCIAL to Your Life?

Unfortunately we turn further and further away from nature and understand less and less about our interdependence with our environment. Quick fixes and short cuts replace traditions that were followed for centuries and have been proven to work. We rely on harmful chemicals, soil‐destroying artificial fertilizers and even GMO crops to grow crops. Yes, our children are born into a world vastly different than the one most of us experienced. Rather than becoming more aware of nature, our children increasingly focus on tiny screens and we have little or no practical common sense knowledge which we can pass down to them.

But why would you expose yourself, or your family, to all those potential dangers when the true answer to a healthier and more sustainable life is so simple?

How Can You Make This Work For You?

You could spend hundreds of dollars on books and research material, devote hours of your day to research…in short, you could do what I’ve been doing for years. And it would be great if you did. But there’s a MUCH simpler, much easier and much less expensive way…
I’ve taken everything I know and put it into the Moontime Diary. This diary lays bare the secrets of EVERYTHING mentioned above, PLUS it

  • Increases your awareness and understanding
  • Helps you time a wide variety of gardening activities, health treatments, housekeeping chores and other tasks that are important in your life
  • Acts as your personal guide for every day of 2019

To put you in the best position to stay healthy and organised in 2019

I’ve added some FREE BONUS GIFTS:

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What others say:

“I bought the Moontime Diary…only a few weeks ago and I can’t understand how I have lived life without it!! I feel like I have walked around with my eyes shut and now it’s like a fog
has lifted. Now I can see clearly and plan my days and the rest of the year!! The daily tips amaze me, and I actually find I am getting things done that I normally think about doing but never actually do!!! (You know, cleaning the windows!!) I have become so much more organised because I am now looking in my diary for a good date to do certain things, like book in with my hairdresser next Thursday because I have curly hair!! I will be buying next year’s for sure…and every year for evermore!!!” — Briallyn H.

“How I love your diary, it’s my bible and goes with me everywhere. I even travel with it. As you know I’m a huge fan and have purchased one every year since discovering them 4 years ago. I also want to mention how recently I went to the movies with my sister and I had the most enjoyable me. Later that night I wondered about what made it so special the movie was like any other movie we had seen, but the day was filled with a different type of energy. The best way to describe it was it was just so enjoyable. A few days later I looked back at my diary and noticed that on that day it said ‘great day for the movies’. I was amazed and astonished. The moon is a wonderful and powerful guiding force in our life. I use your diary for many events. Thanking you again and again.” — Julia Burdock

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