Moontime Diary ChristmasStill wondering what to give to your sweet mum or darling daughter? Something which guides her to a healthy life style? Where looking after her own health and well being is as easy as developing her green thumb?  The Moontime Diary 2013 is the answer to your present search, a gift which keeps on giving all throughout 2013.


Many gardeners and farmers plant, water, fertilize and harvest by the moon. More exactly they consider the moon phase and position in their timing of farming activities.  They find that their plants grow healthily and produce nutritious crops without the use of chemical fertilizers and herbicides.


It makes good sense to ponder how our physical, emotional and mental bodies react to the ever changing lunar cycle. We to are influenced by the moons gravity and once we realize this we can tend to ourselves the same way as we do to plants. We can use the lunar cycle to assist absorbtion and build up in the waxing phase and elimination, release in the waning phase.

This principle can be applied to

  • Nurturing or deep cleansing facials, packs and baths;
  • Invigorating or relaxing massages;
  • Absorbing specific nutrients or detoxing your systems;
  • Encouraging hair regrowth or slowing it down.


We all had times when cleaning windows was easy and other times when it took ages and wasn’t really that perfect. Here too we find the moon has a gravitational pull on the moisture content in the atmosphere!

Once we know this trivial fact, it is easy to work out when the best or the worst times are for all sorts of routine jobs.

Tuning to the moon is going with the flow which is different to struggling against it.

The Moontime Diary 2013 has all the diary essentials plus gives you the moon position and phase every day of the Year 2013. Additionally, every day has three practical pointers regarding health, garden, housekeeping and planning.

With the Moontime Diary and Calendar 2013 you rarely miss an opportunity! The waxing – waning cycle keeps repeating itselfand if you can’t do something on that particular day, there always is another good time to do the job.