Monday 27 August and tomorrow Tuesday 28 August

the moon is waxing and moves through Capricorn. Being an earth sign, the atmosphere is cold and damp. Avoid sitting and on bare ground today, this is a perfect time to attract a painful infection to your bladder.

Moontime Diary BusinessHowever, you are perfectly safe when working on contracts and hacking out fair deals. Researching and analyzing business trends proves insightful and affects business decisions.

In the lead up to Fridays full moon in Pisces, it might be a good idea to avoid vaccinations. Simply because we are in the 2nd  quarter and the moon moves through Capricorn an earth sign ruled by Saturn and Aquarius ruled by Saturn as well. Meaning, cells have already absorbed much moisture over the last 10 days and the internal pressure is still rising. Until full moon cells keep absorbing….. it would not be surprising if there were complications arising from vaccinations taking place in this week.

Wednesday morning at 3:39 am the waxing moon ingresses into Aquarius and stays there until Friday morning

Aquarius, a fixed air sign is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, and therefore also favours new age modalities. If you have crystals you would like to program, these days are perfect for that kind of work. Networking and work on projects for the greater good have good results too.

Friday 31 August full moon in Pisces at 11:58 PM

Three relevant pointers from the Moontime Diary 2012

  • Heightened sense of romantic and tender feelings for others
  • best day to buy shoes, your feet are very sensitive today
  • avoid stimulants and drugs to prevent headaches and serious hangovers.

Expect this full moon to be an emotional one, stay aware and enjoy.

Saturday 1 September and Sunday 2 September

Moontime Diary Pirate Shipafter full moon, the impulse changes from waxing ( getting bigger ) to waning ( getting smaller). Pisces moon on the weekend has a delusional taste to it. Either being deluded or deceived or doing it oneself. One good way of using this energy is going to the movies:)

And on Sunday, fathers day, the choices are either being practical and cleaning up or taking the kids for an excursion to a beautiful nature spot.

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Wish you a brilliantly moonlit week ahead,