Original Australian Moontime Diary
  • MTD 2014 2013

Testimonials and Reviews for the Moontime Diary

Thank you for the  Moontime Diary. What a beautiful and practical diary with a wealth of information.
I’ve looked through it and will enjoy reading it each day next year and applying the info.
Jenny Calway

I really love your Moontime Diary 2016 and the goodness it puts in our lives.  Some people are still sleeping with this new age period,  while others are bright eyed and bushy tailed raring to go!!!! :) I have carried this diary with me to London a few times and when in Glastonbury find the ******* **** diary no where near as special as yours.  Thank you for your efforts. With much respect and honor. Bernadette xx
Bernadette xx

I have found that being aware of the moon's cycles is helpful in everyday life and in business. In dealing with others I remind myself that people (teenagers!) can be more sensitive in the days immediately leading up to the new moon and the full moon. The new moon is often a time of new beginnings, i.e. new friendships and projects, and has proven to be an ideal time to set new schemes in motion such as business promotions ­people are more receptive from the new moon up until the full moon when, as emotions build, things tend to come to fruition or culmination, or a head. I have observed this trend in my own life and have seen that major events i.e. an awards night, graduations, large dispatch of goods etc. will invariably occur around the full moon. It’s an interesting phenomenon to observe!
Tracey Knowland

How I love your Moontime Diary, its my bible and goes with me everywhere. I even travel with it. As you know I’m a huge fan and have purchased one every year since discovering them 4 years ago. I also want to mention how recently I went to the movies with my sister and I had the most enjoyable time. Later that night I wondered about what made it so special the movie was like any other movie we had seen, but the day was filled with a different type of energy. The best way to describe it was it was just so enjoyable. A few days later I looked back at my diary and noticed that on that day it said ‘great day for the movies’. I was amazed and astonished. The moon is a wonderful and powerful guiding force in our life. I use your diary for many events. From immunising my young sons to evenings out. Thanking you again and again.
Mia L.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful product in the Moontime Diary. Over the past seven years I have used another style of moon diary, but switched to yours in 2010 with the desire to gain a more in depth awareness of the natural cycles, applicable to everyday life. This I have gained and more inspiration and application of the knowledge in such a practical way, I feel more in sync, and the results of fine tuning to the moon show. I've tested them.
Gabrielle Williams

It's the best Diary I have ever bought and I have been buying it for years. Everyday I check my Moontime Diary and I take it everywhere and share it with everyone. I love it that much it's been the perfect Christmas gift for years for my family and friends. Tune to the moon and be happy and healthy. Like wise Iris and thank you so much for such an inspiring Moontime Diary. I so look forward to receiving them. It's lovely how you look after your customers and the communication is second to none.
Maureen Keane

It is an awesome diary, I got my first this year and it has been invaluable for everything, hair cutting and colouring, leg waxing, planting, mowing, crafting, eating, oh my god just so many things. Now I just have to convince my husband to run his farming to the dates too.
Rebecca Clarke

The diaries arrived today! Thank you so so much. They are beautiful, alive and synced the Universe as always. They always feel so alive to me.
Julia Burdock

Hi Iris. I just wanted to let you know that I received my Moontime Diaries yesterday. Thanks so much for organizing them. They are beautiful and I always get excited looking through them. Have great year and I will be in touch again to order more next year.
Jo Grant

I absolutely love my Moontime Diary!!! Thanks for a fabulous resource. Cheers
Karen Galea, Vic 3825

After having one last year I have found it indispensable so my sister bought me one for this year. I cannot speak highly enough of the content of your diaryand I really appreciate the love and work that has gone into making it. I do use it every day so many thanksand I look forward to purchasing one next year. With Gratitude
Jenni Olerhead, Frankston, Vic

I bought the Moontime 2011 only a few weeks ago and I can’t understand how I have livedlife without it!! I feel like I have been walking around with my eyes shutand now.. its like a fog has lifted and I can see clearly to plan my days andthe rest of the year!! The daily tips are amazing, and I actually find I am getting things done that I normally think about doing but never actually do!!! (You know, cleaning the windows!!) I have become so much more organised because I am now looking in my diary for a good date to do certain things.. like book in with my hairdresser next Thursday because I have curly hair!! I will be buying next years for sure.. and every year for evermore!!!
Briallyn H.

Thanks Iris.  I wanted you to know how much I love my Moontime diary.  Every edition is better that the last!  The other one is for my Dad (who is 77) and can’t live without it either.

I have been using only this Diary for many years now, as I love it! Thank you for producing it with all the great information! It is wonderful!!
You too have a great Festive Season and all the very best wishes for 2012.

I love the Moontime Diary 2011. I read it every night for the next day.. love it love it…The only thing is I bought family and friends one each for Christmas.. now they expect one every year. lol…There hooked…
Margaret B.

I have used it two years in a row and then went to a digital calendar this year….and I am oh so missing it! I miss the gardening tips, planetary alignments and my menstrual charting on the moon planner! Returning back to it for 2012 – without a doubt!!
Margaret D

I’ve been using the Moontime Diary for two years too. I love having instructions telling me when to do everything for planetary induced favorable outcomes – when to eat what, when to treat myself to a bath or a massage, when to cut my grass, when to defrag my computer, when to cut my hair and more importantly when to not wash it so it doesn’t go frizzy! Oh, the guidance in this little book is unending..
Daisy M.

Thank you so much Iris, received the Moontime diary this morning. It’s wonderful as usual! Thanks again, luv

It is thanks to your Moontime Diary that I was able to keep inspired doing the chores of everyday, which is the way of the homemaker. I’ve got a great veggie patch now, much to my surprise and delight that flourishes and keeps my two children impressed. Many thanks again! My mother is from Germany and mentioned these wisdom years agobut I would not bother. I could never quite believe her but now I know it works! I rave to others now!!! Greetings
Zoe Scott

Thanks for the Moontime Diary 2009, which you sent me a little while back. I really like the changes you’ve made. I bought your diary for the first time last year, after having used Steve Jolley’s for over a decade. Although I miss him, you made the transition relatively painless. I like how you’ve included the moon’s aspects for each day, daily positions for Chiron and the outer planets, and the large moon-phase graphics. I used to earn a living doing astrology fulltimeand I still think in planetary cycles so, from my point of view, the more detail I can read off my diary by the phone without having to reach for my ephemeris, the better. Thanks for a user-friendly product. Bless
Sue Booker, Coogie, NSW

We sold all the Moontime Diaries we ordered last year. Our customers love them. We will order them again this year along with the planting and other maintenance guide. Warm regards hpant@webone.com.au
Sue Hieropant, Griffith, ACT

We loved your Moontime Diaries – both my daughter and I use ours daily – so handy and great size. We will definitely re-order again this year, probably a few more and infirst week of October. Cheers Gayle for Ann http://www.oztion.com.au/shop/Midians-Realm.aspx
Midians Realm

Thanks Iris.  I wanted you to know how much I love my Moontime Diary.  Every edition is better that the last!  The other one is for my Dad (who is 77) and can't live without it either.  Cheers Karen
Karen T.

I think the 2013 will be the 5th one I've had so I am more than happy to contribute to your webpage. Love the new design and detail- this one seems so much more complex! Not only do I plan events around info in the diaries but find the natural syncronicity so amazing! For example, my son will ask for a hair cut (his is out of control) and the only day the hairdresser is free is a day for "slow regrowth". Same with gardeners, catching up with friends and internal drives to do certain things as certain times. l love it! The Moontime Diary is great! Keep up the awesome work
Kiarna P.

Thank you so much Iris, received the Moontime Diary this morning. It's wonderful as usual! Thanks again, love Fiona.
Fiona D.

I use it constantly and love the handy reference to know when to arrange a hair cut or a party and when I spot a moon in Taurus falling on a Saturday I try to organise dinner, wow, food really tastes way better on those days. And moon in Scorpio...not so much fun apart from the sexual energies being so enhanced, at least I can make the best of it! I'm a traditional astrologer so of course it all means a lot to me. I adore my Moontime Diary for many reasons including that I can quickly see the main planetary aspects of the day. It's helped me be really in tune with the moon and I've learned way more about the subtleties (and not so subtleties) of how the moon's sign and position affects us. Many thanks for your work Iris, Love Melanie

My wife loves it! Please put me on a reminder list for 2008.
Sean Erwin

Hi there…I got the diary from your eBay listing and want to say how wonderful it is! It is just what I have been searching for. The information is not only interesting but useful as well. Well done on a fantastic publication!
Seren Wickson

I definitely noticed the change of energy in people, depending on the moon, more so now than ever. The best diary I have ever had.
Karyn Bourne

HI, I’m just writing to congratulate you on your 2008 diary. A great source of wonderful info. Thanks,
Rovaye Hodges

Hello, thank you so very much for the pleasure and fun I received by using your diary last year.
Sarah Hall

I love your diary and this is the second year I have bought it. Both years I have bought it as a gift for a friend as well. Many thanks
Meriam Michael

I can’t do without the information in it and it’s like I get a surprise every day. Kind regards,
Michelle Radvanyj

I must commend you both, on the quality of both the planner and diary, simply beautiful. Blessings, www.naturesgifts.com.au
Deb (Natures Gifts) Norwood, SA

Thank you for the  Moontime Diary. What a beautiful and practical diary with a wealth of information.
I’ve looked through it and will enjoy reading it each day next year and applying the info.
Jenny Calway