Moontime Diary 2019 for your Well being, Home and Garden

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Moontime Diary 2019 for your Well being, Home and Garden

The Moontime Diary 2019 helps you navigate the whole year in tune with nature’s seasons and cycles. Practical daily tips for health & beauty, home & garden inspire and guide you towards a healthier, more organised and sustainable life style.

The Moontime Diary combines the solar calendar with the lunar cycle and provides additional detailed Astrological information. This way, it is easier for you to experience the influence that the moon has on your well being, home and garden.

First the introduction explains how the moon influences your well being and your surroundings. Then it provides the best times for a wide range of activities regarding your health, home, garden and work environment. You find the best times for haircuts, beauty and massage  treatments, dentist appointments and moving house. Equally important, you will always know the exact position and phase of the moon, equinoxes, solstices, Pagan Observances and Australian holidays.

Moon Astrology for Your Well being, Home and GardenMoontime Diary 2019 ~ Moon Gardening, Moon Phase Diary, Lunar Cycle Diary


















The Australian Astrological Moontime Diary 2019 features all the diary essentials plus:

    • Timing tables focused on health, home, garden and work place
    • Daily, easy-to-follow tips aligned to the moon’s cycles
    • Daily moon position and phase
    • Moon void of course times
    • Weekly Astro Forecasts by Gisela Stieglitz
    • Yearly Zodiac Forecasts by Narelle Duncan
    • Shining a Light on 2019 by Brian Clark
    • Scented Moon Garden by Hills End Gardens
    • Beautiful zodiac illustrations by Josephine Wall
    • Super and blue moons, eclipses, equinoxes and solstices
    • The Wisdom of the Cycles by Tanishka the Moon Woman
    • Fertility and breastfeeding by the moon
    • Extensive astrological section featuring daily aspects, aspect interpretations, monthly Planetary Tables including Black Moon Lilith and Chiron, a detailed Astrological Affinity Table
    • Pagan observances and more

The Australian Astrological Moontime Diary 2019 is an elegant, slimline and sturdy companion guide, an invaluable tool for laypersons and professionals who are interested in health and beauty, home, gardening, Astrology, Wicca, traditional and New Age knowledge, crystals and more.

With every Moontime Diary 2019 purchased here online you receive THREE FREE GIFTS:

  • Downloadable Moontime Calendar 2019
  • Limited Edtion Bookmark (doubles as a gift or a travel tag)  ~ SORRY  NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE

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