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The Moontime Diary 2019 will be launched in August 2018.


The Moontime Diary 2018, this moon diary and chart is specifically in Australian times and helps you navigate your health, home and garden in tune with nature’s seasons and cycles. Find out how you can benefit from being aware of the moon phases.

With every Moontime Diary 2018 purchased here online you receive a FREE Moontime Calendar 2018 to download. Use it as a desktop background on your computer or get it color printed it on A3 in your next office supply shop.

THE MOONTIME DIARY 2019 will be launched in August 2018.

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The Moontime Diary 2018

Moontime Diary 2018, Moon, Chart, Diary, Lunar Cycle

The Moontime Diary 2018, an annual almanac in Australian times, helps you keep track of our seasonal and planetary cycles here in Australia. Being aware of seasons and cycles helps you improve your well being, home and garden.

With the Moontime Diary you’ll always know the exact position and phase of the moon. Specific tips every day help you discover how the moon influences you and your environment. You’ll find it is easy to align appointments for haircuts, beauty or dentist treatments for the best time. This way you’ll achieve better results while saving time, effort and resources. You also can learn how to deal with your and your loved ones emotions better, drop out dated habits at the right moment or set goals more effectively. The potential to make your life easier is huge once you get the idea how to tune into natural seasons and cycles.

  • Mothers, home and garden lovers dig the Moontime Diary because it has practical tips every day.
  • Astrologers, beginners and the professional alike, are delighted with the extensive Astrological information the Moontime Diary provides.
  • Wiccans are precious about timing their celebrations by the moon
  • Art lovers cherish the beautiful illustrations

Bright n’ sturdy, the Moontime Diary 2018 is a lovely companion which keeps you inspired and organised throughout the year.

The Moontime Diary 2018 features all the diary essentials plus:

    • Daily easy-to-follow tips aligned to the moon’s cycles
    • Timing Tables focused on health and well being, home and garden
    • Daily moon position and phase
    • NEW Daily planetary aspects including Lilith by Babula Clement
    • NEW Daily planetary aspects including Chiron by Brian Clark
    • Weekly Astrological forecasts by Gisela Stieglitz
    • NEW Yearly Zodiac sign forecasts by Narelle Duncan
    • NEW Beautiful zodiac illustrations by Roberta Orpwood
    • NEW Natural zodiac cosmetic by Annette Deckmann
    • Super and blue moons, eclipses, equinoxes and solstices
    • Fertility and breastfeeding by the moon
    • Moon void of course times
    • Extensive astrological section with detailed astrological Affinity Table, weekly aspects, interpretations, monthly Planetary Tables
    • Pagan observances, crystals and more…


I am excited to introduce you to this year’s contributors:

Cover Art by Lily Moses

Lily’s art is inspired by the beauty of life that is within all things seen and unseen. Working mainly with acrylics, pencils and gold leaf, she uses symbols and archetypes of myth and legend. Each piece foretells a story of an alchemical process that is relevant to our current times. Lily was born in Auckland, New Zealand and now resides north of Brisbane in Queensland. Lily is a full-time artist, currently working on the illustrations for a card deck by Hayhouse UK.

~ https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/LilyMosesArt

~ https://www.instagram.com/lilymosesart/?hl=en

Zodiac Illustrations by Roberta Orpwood

Zodiac IllustrationsRoberta Orpwood is a Visionary Artist, Sound and Energy Healer currently based in South West London, UK. Her delicate water colour paintings are inspired by her love of natural beauty, the spirit of nature and the mystery of the human soul. Roberta’s creations are predominantly figurative expressing beauty beyond the limits of the physical body. They represent the divine feminine that resides within all of us. Her compositions are often inspired by the visions she receives during her shamanic journeying and meditation practice. They include not only zodiac goddesses but spirit animals, guides, elementals and soul portraits.

~ www.facebook.com/SoulBirdArt/


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Black Moon Lilith by Babula Clements

Babula Clement has been an astrological practitioner and teacher for over 25 years. She offers readings in person in Brisbane and also via Skype. An intuitive Pisces, Babula’s passion is to reveal the main themes of a person’s deeper soul purpose and path in life. This includes exploring and ecouraging innate gifts and talents and the inevitable challenges of karmic patterns that repeat themselves, causing pain as well as opportunities for transformation. Babula is particularly interested in the Moon and Lilith and contributed the newly added Black Moon Lilith article and keyword interpretations for this year’s Moontime Diary: www.newdawnastrology.com.au

Chiron by Brian Clark

Brian Clark is the creator of the Astro*Synthesis distance learning program. This program has been shaped by his experience as an astrological educator over the past 35 years. Brian has a special interest in Chiron and contributed the newly added Chiron article and keyword interpretations for this year’s Moontime Diary. Brian is the author of many astrological texts including: Vocation, The Family Legacy, Synastry and The Astrology of Adult Relationships. He is co-creator of the Celestial Tarot and Ancient Feminine Wisdom Oracle cards. Brian has also authored over 20 astrological booklets designed especially for students, available through his website: www.astrosynthesis.com.au

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Yearly Zodiac Forecast by Narelle Duncan

Narelle Duncan ~ Yearly Zodiac Forecast Narelle is an award-winning Australian Astrologer and Naturopath who has been helping people find direction and life purpose for over 20 years. Using her clients’ birth date she reveals when and why changes are occurring in their career, love, money and business. Narelle brings clarity when you’re at a cross-road and need to make key decisions. Narelle teaches astrology lovers how to read a horoscope and future transits at her astrology classes online. Phone (07) 5576 3422. www.astrologyreading.com.au

Weekly Astro Forecast by Gisela Stieglitz

Gisela has lived in the Northern Rivers region of NSW for close to 30 years after migrating from Germany. She fell in love with Australia’s natural beauty and is passionate about conserving it. She enjoys eating and growing her vegetables organically by the moon. Gisela writes the Weekly Forecast for the Moontime Diary and proofreads the astrological aspects of each new edition. She also writes an Astrological column for a local weekly paper and is available for personal Astrology and Tarot readings. Email: giselasunshine@gmail.com

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Natural Zodiac Cosmetics by Annette Deckmann

Qualified beauty therapist Annette Deckmann promotes natural and vegan skin care and invites you to rejuvenate in harmony with the Moon. Annette`s strong belief in the healing power of nature and her knowledge of cosmetic chemistry inspire her to use effective, high quality and natural products. Look and feel your best naturally.Phone: (02) 6680 5519 Email: beautybliss.oceanshores@gmail.com.

With love ‘n moonlight, Iris Detenhoff

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