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Moontime Diary 2017

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The Moontime Diary 2017, this Moon chart diary is specifically in Australian times to help you navigate your health, home and garden in tune with nature’s seasons and cycles. Find out how you can benefit from being aware of the Moon phases.

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The Moontime Diary 2017

Moontime Diary 2017, Moon, Chart, Diary, Lunar Cycle

The Moontime Diary 2017, a Moon chart diary helps you track the lunar cycle in Australian times. Being aware of yearly and monthly cycles helps you improve your health and wellbeing, home and garden.

Discover how the Moon’s cycle influences you and your surroundings and always know the exact position and phase of the Moon. Specific tips every day make it easy to plan for better results when planning a haircut, beauty treatment or dentist appointment, to clean windows or move house … just to mention a few.

You also learn how to deal with your and your loved ones emotions better, drop out dated habits at the right moment or set goals more effectively in tune with the Moon. The potential to improve your home environment and make your life easier is huge once you get the idea how the Moon influences our planet.

If you are inclined to look further, you’ll be delighted with the extensive Astrological information, relevant for beginners and the professional alike.

Beautifully illustrated, bright n’ sturdy, the Moontime Diary 2017 is a lovely companion which keeps you inspired throughout the year.

The Moontime Diary 2017 features all the diary essentials plus:moontime-diary-2017-moon-chart-diary-australian-lunar-seasons-cycles

  • Beautiful Cover Art by Lily Moses  ‘NEW’
  • An Introduction on ‘How to fine tune to the Moon’
  • Best Moon Phases for Health, Beauty, Home and Garden
  • Daily Moon Phase, Position and Practical Pointers
  • Daily Planetary Aspects plus Aspect Interpretations
  • Weekly Astrology Forecast by Gisela Stieglitz  ‘NEW’
  • Yearly Astrology Forecast by Narelle Duncan  ‘NEW’
  • Monthly Planetary Tables and detailed Astrological Affinity Table
  • Female Fertility and Weaning Babies  ‘NEW’
  • Moon Void of Course
  • Inspiring and Beautiful Zodiac Illustrations by Jake Baddeley  ‘NEW’
  • Pagan Observances
  • Crystal Cleansing and Programming and more ….


Tuning to natures seasons and lunar cycles hardly takes any effort but makes our life so much easier and sustainable.

Moontime Diary 2017, Moon, Chart, Diary, Lunar Cycle


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