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Moontime Calendar 2020


Moontime Calendar 2020

Instantly download the Moontime Moon Calendar 2020 and always know the moon phase, zodiac sign, eclipse, equinox, solstice times, daylight saving and more.

It makes a great desktop background and/or you can color print it on A3 paper and stick it to the wall or door.

You can even pass it on to friends!

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Moontime Calendar 2020

With the Moontime Calendar 2020 you’ll have the whole year at a glance. Download it and make it your desktop background. You can also color print it on A3 paper and have it on your wall or door…. you can even pass it on to friends 🙂

Throughout the whole year you always know:Moontime Calendar 2020

  • New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, third Quarter Dates
  • Moon Phase
  • Zodiac Position of the Moon
  • Eclipses
  • Equinoxes
  • Solstices
  • Super Moon


By being aware of seasons and cycles you can keep yourself healthy and organised at home and in your garden.


Home and Garden:

  • The waxing phase lends itself to gardening
  • The waning phase lends itself to house keeping and home maintenance

• Invigorating exercises where you want to build up muscle or stamina are more effective when the moon  is waxing, that is between New Moon and Full Moon.
• The time when the moon is waning ( from Full Moon to New Moon) lends itself to relaxing, elimination, detoxing, shedding weight.

• Nourishing and nutritious food is better absorbed and metabolised while the Moon is waxing.
• The time when the moon is waning lends itself to fasts and supports the bodies tendency to detox.

Taking Action and Meditation:

• You find yourself in a more active mode, absorb better and tend to expand when the moon is waxing until it is full.
• While the Moon is waning you tend to be more reflective and find it easier to let go.

The Moontime Diary goes into more details, click here

#MoontimeCalendar2020 #MoonPhase #Zodiac #Eclipse #Equinox #Solstice #FineTuneToTheMoon