LEO AFFIRMATION: I am accepting everyone with an open and loving heart.

Your Own Intention Setting Ritual for Leo New Moon

Make better use of the next New Moon and start creating more consciously. Traditionally people marked moments when impulses change with ritual and celebrations. It is a way to use the energy present at this moment to their advantage. Equinoxes, Solstices, New and Full Moons have been celebrated in past times by most cultures.

 Sunday 27th August 2014 the NEW MOON IS IN LEO

This is a wonderful opportunity to set powerful intentions. Particularly regarding anything associated with Leo like: the heart, children, creativity, love affairs, enjoyment, games, pride, instinct, courage, strength and loyalty, entertainment, romance.

During the days just before the New Moon, we can conserve energy by being more introvert and reflect on the last cycle. Letting go of outdated habits, unhealthy relationships or anything else we want to banish from our life is easier now than at other times.

Once the impulse changes from waning to waxing, set new goals and intentions to improve or resolve issues which relate to Leo, the sign the New Moon falls in. This is the very best time to think, ponder and visualise the best scenario you can imagine.

Be prepared with pen and paper, matches and a fire-proof dish. Maybe even have some incense ( air, east) , crystal ( earth, south), candles ( north, fire), a cup of clean water ( west, water) ready to represent the four directions and elements. This enhance the atmosphere and gives you a special place and feel. Nothing set in concrete however and it is best to use this as inspiration.

To Begin with:  Collect and center yourself. Breathing deep and consciously helps you do that. Use this quiet time and ponder issues which need your attention or anything related to the zodiac sign Leo.

Here are some Leo ideas for your personal inquiry:

How can I create with the power of love?
How can I overcome my pride?
How can I express my unique qualities to the world?

Letting Go: You can resolve and banish outdated habits, unhealthy relationships or anything else you’d like to let go off by writing it down and burning the piece of paper.

Setting Intentions: This time is ideal to focus on projects, processes, set new intentions and start cultivating new habits. Brainstorming and making notes and mud maps help you to expand and give your creativity direction. Take note of your ideas. See situations developing and anticipate positive outcomes.

To Finish: Once you have exhausted the stream of inspiration and you feel ready to end the ceremony, give thanks to your higher self, the universe or what you feel comfortable with. Keep your Leo Affirmation handy for the next four weeks.

LEO AFFIRMATION: I am accepting everyone with an open and loving heart.