NEW MOON IN LIBRA ~ Beauty & Partnership

NEW MOON IN LIBRA ~ Beauty & Partnership

This New Moon the Sun and Moon are meeting up in the constellation of Libra. A cardinal air sign it is signified by a pair of scales and ruled by the planet Venus. Libra relates to beauty, harmony, partnership, justice and diplomacy.

While the Sun illuminates the male, active, initiating force, the changeable Moon rules the feminine, fecund and nurturing energy.
It is passive, receptive and reflective and indicates our emotional, instinctive and fearful behaviors ( people with the Moon in Libra tend to fear disagreements, disharmony and being alone).

New Moon 8 degrees Libra on  Saturday 1 October 2016 at 10:11 am Eastern Australian Time

This Saturday morning is a very opportune time to align yourself to Libra’s energy. Take an hour you time and enjoy setting up a beautiful space, listen to gentle music, light a candle, some incense, a bunch of spring flowers, have a glass of water, juice, tea (preferably Stinging Nettle) or coffee. Sit comfortably, inhale and exhale deeply until you settle in and feel relaxed.

Identify and reflect on those issues or habits especially related to Libra. For example you can ask yourself:

How can I

  • Attract the love, beauty, peace and harmony I crave?
  • Stay centered in disharmonious surroundings?
  • Be more decisive and make sound decisions?


Brainstorming and most of all writing down what comes to your mind helps you identify your personal theme. Analyse and reorder all points, set your goals and chunk them into achievable steps.

Moon Rituals such as this, not only increase your awareness of our seasons and cycles, in addition, they help you become a more conscious creator. You can learn more about this in the Moontime Diary 2017 (page 44). Under the heading: ‘Keep this in Mind’, Liliane Grace lays bare the  laws of creativity, step by step, easy to follow and ideal for New Moon Intention Setting.

With Love n Moonlight 🙂Moontime Diary 2017, Moon, Chart, Diary, Lunar Cycle

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