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Moontime ~ the Moon in Gemini

Today’s Moon in Gemini  brings up questions about how we relate to friends. It is the perfect time to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current network.
We all have different people in our lives which are good for different things at different times. So it is important to be aware of our expectations and nurture a good network which is supportive and caring.



Ponder these questions for a moment:

Name three people you are comfortable to call on when you are feeling blue.
Name three people who are comfortable to call on you when in need.
Name two people you would call on in a crisis. Can you count on them, no matter what?
Who can count on you?
Do you trust them with your pet and/or house key?
Who trusts you?
Do they make you feel better? Who energizes you?
Whom are you able to energize?
Who do you like to be with when in a playful mood?
Whom do you seek out for honest feedback? Are they helpful and trustworthy?
Who can get honest feedback of you?
Who would you enjoy travelling with?
Whom do you discus spiritual ideas and philosophies with?
Whom do you like to celebrate with?

Our bodies often help us choose. Remember someone which has good listening skills and someone who makes you clench your jaws when you have to listen to no end. People who make you feel trapped or ignored obviously are not having a soothing effect on you.

Be aware of your expectations and enjoy socializing while the Moon is in Gemini (today and tomorrow).

Love n Moonlight