Tuesday 14 August and Wednesday 15 August, waning moon in Cancer

Moontime Diary BeltFor the past 2 month now, those who are getting up early have had the opportunity to see the beautiful Venus, Jupiter constellation in the eastern morning sky, just before sunrise. Venus is hugeand one gets the feeling she is very close toearth. Last week Venus moved ahead of Jupiter into Cancer and today around 5 am I saw the delicate crescent Moon conjunct beautiful Venus in the eastern morning sky.

What does it mean? Moon and Venus conjunct in Cancer? Both are female  and moving though a feminine sign. As a matter of fact, Cancer is ruled by the moon and represents women, mothers, children, nurturing, the home and family, memories. Venus and Moon together in  Cancer allow us to relax into motherhood. In other words, let us appreciate what mothers mean to us and what we as mothers mean to others.

There are challenging aspects of womanhood too, for example daily chores …. Because the moon is in the waning phase, cleaning up, letting go, consolidating and repairing are things which turn out well today and require less effort. It’s a great laundry day as well.

In general, allow yourself to feel gentle and nurturing.  Children, partners, customers and collegues will respond positively and reflect your attitude.

Cancer, a water sign rules the leafy part of the plant. In other words, nutrients your body gets from lettuce, rocket, other  leafy and bitter herbs and vegetables are better metabolized today.

Cancer is very fertile, however, we are in the last quarter moon phaseand this is not the best time to plant or seed, rather water and fertilize indoor and outdoor plants.

Thursday 4:05 am the waning moon moves into Leo

Anything we do to nurture our heart and back is especially beneficial  today. A relaxing ( because it is waning, letting go…) back massage will do wonders.

Two days before the new moon in Leo, it is  time to reflect on the last lunar cycle which started four weeks ago ( 19 July) and on the one which began on January 23rd this year. What has happened in this period?

Use this  Thursday, Friday and Saturday to leave a good impression, Moon in Leo makes it easy.

Saturday 18 August, new moon in Leo at 1:54 am

Moontime Diary LeoSun and moon are conjunct now, time to focus and brain storm a new project. New moon in Leo gives us inspiration and a strong will and creative and playful projects started consciously  today have great potential!

Shortly after new moon, it moves into Virgo and the flavor changes from royal to more particular. Virgo moon puts an emphasis on health and healthy living, that is the earthy aspect of Virgo. The analyzing qualities contributed by Mercury, make this a favorable time to look at things which require an unusual point of view. Mercury also helps you to take care of your private emails and messages on the weekend.

To find out more about the art of timing, check out this website.

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I wish you an inspired moon blessed week,