Moontime Diary FlowersThe time leading up to new moon tomorrow  is best used to finalize projects, consolidate and tie up loose ends in general. With the new moon in Cancer, Thursday 19 July 2013  (at 2:24 pm AEST), tomorrow will be the perfect time to feel and think about family matters, mothers, children, childhood memories and homes. This is the most important time to set new intentions and start projects particularly anything family orientated.

I just came back from a fabulous trip overseas and visited my family and friends, trees and places in nature where I played as a child.  For 5 weeks I indulged in a nostalgic time warp and spent time in the forests, meadows, creeks and rivers,  I literally went back to my roots.

All this is very much related to the zodiac sign of Cancer and when I read the New Moon in Cancer (Page 99) in the Moontime Diary 2012 the three sample questions couldn’t be more poignant for me:

How can I 

  • establish foundations upon which to build my life? Holding or carrying a Chrysocolla gem stone can help you find answers to this question.
  • nourish my soul?  Holding or carrying a Jasper gem stone can do just that.
  • develop and strengthen my intuition?  Holding or carrying a  Moonstone  can help you connect with your higher self.

Coming back to my second home in Mullumbimby is part of the adventure and tomorrow I will do my little new moon ceremony with the above questions and in company of my crystals.

With the sun and the moon just about conjunct in Cancer, the day before new moon is a great time to cleanse your crystals with one of the four elemental ways:

Fire: pass the crystal through the flame of a candle three times.

Earth: bury it in the earth for a day ( could be in a beautiful container as well).

Air: hang your gem stone in the smoke of burning incense.

Water: Place your crystal in fresh water ( i often collect rainwater for that) or secure it in a little bag and hang it into a pristine creek.

Mine are outside during the day today ( luckily it is cloudy, because some crystals like to stay out of the sun).

After my new moon reflections and crystal cleansing I will set my intentions and charge some of the small crystals which I then carry with me in my jeans pocket. The best time to charge crystals is when the moon is waxing, just after the new moon.

You’ll find more details in the Moontime Diary 2012, visit    for more info or email me on

wish you a fabulous start to the next lunar cycle,

many moon blessings