Moontime Diary Leo SunriseTuesday waning moon in Aries

A practical day at home and in the garden with the the moon waning in Aries.

Here at the North Coast, we are enjoying a typical Aries moon day. The sky is absolutely clearand it is warm and dry. Ideal to clean windows and mirrors and other hard surfaces. And I might just do that, at least the sliding door needs it……

Airing pillows and bedding too is worthwhile and paint jobs turn out well because the paint dries quicker today and most of tomorrow.

While the moon is in Aries, fruit and fruit juices are very nutritious and also taste more fruity. Enjoy a glass of orange juice and judge for yourself, you most likely find the taste more intense than you perceive it on some other days.

One more thing on Aries days. Aries rules the head ( yes, headaches and migraines) and eyes and some people are more light sensitive and are happier when they wear sunnies.

Thursday, 9 August, waning moon moves through Taurus at 5:29 pm until Saturday 6:11 am

When the moon is waning in Taurus, you will find the atmosphere cool, earthy and realistic. These are the days to take a jumper along and maybe even a scarf to protect your throat and ears. And now in winter, you can avoid a urinary tract infection by not sitting on the cold earth! Worthwhile considering the polar opposite sign of  Scorpio, hmmm.

And finally, Mercury is moving ahead now, after three and a half weeks of retarding communications of all kinds.

Friday 10 August, we have Taurus moon void of course for most of the day…… In earthy Taurus we find a relaxing ear, neck and shoulder massage very healing and soothing.  Try gargling with Chamomile tea, if your throat feels scratchy or sore. Eating root vegetables provides valuable nutrition and an inspiration of what to cook.

A tidy up now ( Friday), gives us time and freedom to socialize on the weekend, when the moon is in Gemini. Otherwise, use this time wisely by practicing any desirable skills and avoid starting new projects.

Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 August, the waning moon is in Gemini makes the weekend a truly social and a very communicative time. Good for spontaneous outings and also networking.

Gemini is an air sign and we feel the atmosphere as light and glaring. It is a restless day and plans often change, seemingly with the direction of the wind. Best to expect the unexpected and take it as it comes.

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Please forward and share this blog with others who are interested  in a healthy life style in harmony with nature.

I wish you a marvellous week ahead with many moon blessings