Leo the fixed fire sign

Moontime Diary LeoToday and tomorrow the Moon is waning in Leo. An excellent time for cleaning ( the moon is waning) windows and mirrors because the atmosphere is dry and hot which makes it easier to do a good job! Another day, for example an earth or water day, the atmosphere around us is moist and cool. Even at the same temperature an earth or water moon day feels cooler and moister than a fire or air moon day and therefore has a different effect.

Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?  If you want to find out more about how you can tune your daily routines and well being to the moon, check out the Moontime Diary 2012 .

This moon planning diary gives you daily pointers as to what works best or what should be avoided.  It also lets you know all moon phases, the full and new moons of the year in advance. It helps to be able to plan ahead and choose the best times for your activities and also to avoid the worst times, ensuring great results with less effort. It’s a bit like  fishermen instead of struggling against the tide, they are going out with the tide.

Wish you a wonderful summers day, stay cool, cheers Iris


The Moontime Diary is an astrological moon diary and calendar for 2012, the perfect tool to tune to the moon.