Monday 30 July, waxing moon in Sagittarius.
For the last couple of days until 5:30 pm today, the moon has been waxing in Sagittarius. Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign, gives the day a dry and warm atmosphere ideal for an outing into nature. However, Sagittarius rules the thighs and anything you do to make your thighs feel good is supporting and enhancing their function. If on the other hand your thighs are very stressed on days when the moon moves in front of the constellation Sagittarius, the damage can be more detrimental than it would have been at other times.
So today being such a great day for an excursion, keep it pleasant and don’t over do it. Particularly with children, because it can leave them with unpleasant memories of outings….

After a whole day of moon void of course, at 5:30 pm today it moves into Capricorn.

Tuesday 31 July, waxing moon in Capricorn.
Tuesday is a great day for business related issues. Gathering ideas, working creatively on solutions and strategies, business appointments and taking action with  a positive and pro active attitude. Today all the above will have a  positive impact on your business!

While the moon is in Capricorn, anything that stresses your knees will be felt painfully and  potentially be more harmful to your knees. Knee operations are more stressful today than say next Tuesday. On the other hand, gentle gymnastic and loving attention ( massages with healing oils or creams)  to your knees will be twice as beneficial than on any other days.
Recently my physical therapist told me, that the back of the knee is one of the spots where we absorb the sunlight best! And we do need a certain amount of sunlight ( 10 – 15 min daily ) for our body to produce vitamin D. So if you can, why not expose the back of your knees to the sun today and tomorrow and every other day?

Wednesday, 1 August, moon void of course from 9;31 am to 7:56 pm ingress into Aquarius.
It is the perfect day to procrastinate and think over the business ideas and decisions you came up with yesterday. However, just mull everything over while looking at all facts and figures, mabe even gather more data. Don’t act hastily today, because the moon is void of course for most of the day, not the best time to implement changes and start new projects.


Thursday, 2 August, full moon in Aquarius at 1:27 pm. 
This full moon is the culmination of the small cycle which began 19 July with new moon in Cancer 26 degree and
alsothe culmination of the long cycle which started with the new moon in Aquarius, 23 January 2012. If you can remember your intention or the ‘project’ which you started then, take a moment and ponder the last six months.

At full moon, we often feel easily overwhelmed because of the intensity of the sun and moon occupying the same degree in the zodiac. However, after the impulse changes from waxing to waning, when the moon is moving ahead from the sun, the tension and pressure is being released and we start relaxing.
The next 2 weeks ( regarding the small cycle) and six months ( regarding the long cycle) we do best to integrate all the ingredients and insights and actually do the work, put it all together, consolidate, finish one cycle before the next one begins.

Friday, 3 August, waning moon in Aquarius, void of course from 5:24 pm until 11:59 pm ingress into Pisces.
The moon is still in Aquarius and usually this is a good day for computer maintenance. Just Mercury is still retrograde and therefore, make sure to back up your work before you start your housekeeping and defragmenting….
It also is a good day to work through and negotiate agreements and contracts, just don’t sign anything until Mercury finished his retrograde dance on the 9 th of August.

I wish you a fabulous weekend, entirely watery, great for nurturing, detoxing and watching movies.
Many moon blessings,