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Moontime Diary Testimonials & Reviews ~ What Others Say

How I love your diary, it’s my bible and goes with me everywhere. I even travel with it. As you know I’m a huge fan and have purchased one every year since discovering them four years ago. 

I also want to mention how recently I went to the movies with my sister and I had the most enjoyable time. Later that night I wondered about what made it so special the movie was like any other movie we had seen, but the day was filled with a different type of energy. The best way to describe it was it was just so enjoyable. A few days later I looked back at my diary and noticed that on that day it said ‘great day for the movies’. I was amazed and astonished. The moon is a wonderful and powerful guiding force in our life. I use your diary for many events. From immunising my young sons to evenings out. Thanking you again and again.

I bought the Moontime only a few weeks ago and I can’t understand how I have lived life without it!! I feel like I have been walking around with my eyes shut and now, it’s like a fog has lifted and I can see clearly to plan my days and the rest of the year!! The daily tips are amazing, and I actually find I am getting things done that I normally think about doing but never actually do!!! (You know, cleaning the windows!!) I have become so much more organised because I am now looking in my diary for a good date to do certain things.. like book in with my hairdresser next Thursday because I have curly hair!! I will be buying next year’s for sure.. and every year for evermore!!!

#Moontime Diary Testimonials & Reviews ~ What Others Say

B. Clark

So glad the Moontime Diary 2018 was a great success – it is so well produced and designed.

Gabrielle Sharkey Mua

This Diary is phenomenal. It helped me pick the right time to find a job, to look after my garden, helped me grow my hair and more it’s amazing! I am now using it to plan my pregnancy.

Clare from Cinnabar Soul in Eumundi

Just wanted to send you a quick message to wish you a happy summer Solstice and also to let you know that this year we sold 40 copies of your diary in our little shop and had more requests for it today after it had sold out. I just wanted to share this with you because your work is a credit to you and it has made me so excited to see so many people taking your good advice off with them to see them through 2019. Thank you for all that you do and congratulations on creating such a loved book.

Lesley M.L.

I am more than impressed with this product. This is my first time buying this particular moon diary. I received mine in the mail today, just in time for the start of the year and I am very happy with the contents. I especially love that there is a menstrual cycle table so you can track your cycle and how it works in with the phases of the moon. The planetary table is on point and I love that each day has the current planetary transits, tips and a weekly forecast at the end of each week. The quality is amazing and it is an extra bonus that it’s an Aussie product tailored to the transits of the moon and planets in Australia. This is exactly what I needed. I will definitely be buying from here again! Thank you

Vinaya P.

I have been following the moon , my first book was moon time over 20 years ago … through understanding and respecting the moon I conceived our son ( 17) And now whenever I have friend visiting from Australia they know to order me your diary …. I live in Kenya …. so it has been perfect … I find the diary inspiring and uplifting and easy to follow… I will soon be moving to London sand so grateful that you will be having a northern hemisphere diary out soon … so timely . Deep gratitude 🙏🏾🌚🌝

Tracy D.P.

I base the timing of my appointments, especially health and doctors on moon phases… This is the best moon diary for southern hemisphere and presented in a way that allows easy use…and love the artwork..have been using for 10yrs and have enjoyed the progression..xx

Silke D. T.

I have been using the Moontime Diary since 2009! The diary has been a source of information and comfort to me over the years. 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌙

Lee R.

I am so grateful to have these diary’s year after year, to help me understand the energies at play throughout the year, to plan &, I to simply admire the work & artistic talent that has gone into them.

Marie S.

I love my Moontime Diary – it helps me keep organised with day to day appointments while allowing me the freedom to work by the lunar energies which is important for me in my work with fertility and women’s wellness. I havent had much time this year but I do also love the planting guides that add lots of magic to growing my herb and veg. I couldn’t live MY life without this dairy.

Victoria F.

I always look forward to opening my delightful diary on a daily basis to see what kind of support and guidance it will offer and share any important events with hubby (who I’ve finally gotten on board and now he asked me when retrogrades are ect🤣) This is the 4th year this dairy has been my support line and I cannot wait to see next years and am thankful for such an item💙🙏

Kirstie O Leary

I have loved using these diaries for the last 4 years. I love the new information and wisdom each year, and all the little prompts and tips. The illustrations are also amazing!

Kim Nicolina C.

I use this to plan my meditation and teaching groups around the moons energy…it is so very useful , I love it.

Sandy W.

Just love Josephine Walls artwork in this years diary💕 I love knowing when the VOC period is, especially when signing contracts💕 have tried other diaries but they don’t always have Moon void of course information in it. Have been purchasing for four years now, absolutely love it💕

Gemma R.

Always need a copy of the moontime diary…’s my go to, all time favourite, and the only one I use now 😘💖

Alison S.

Most relevant and comprehensive moon diary available. And its Australian 😊😎

Chelsea B.

Every year I take my journal with me everywhere, it is my saviour and helps me achieve those goals 🙏🏻 I love the Moontime Diary 💛

Claire V.

I first bought a moon diary at the body, mind and psychic festival in Adelaide. I loved it I learnt how to plant by the moon and why I felt like I had low and high energy at certain times of the year. The Moontime Diary is such a blessing and would benefit everybody and is very easy to read and understand especially for beginners. ❤❤🌛🌝

Jenny B.

I love your Moontime Diary & have used it for a few years, the lunar cycles, best gardening & hair cut days. I would love a free diary to share more wisdom from.

Maureen K.

I read my Moontime diary everyday and choose the moon time dates to live a happy an harmonious healthy lifestyle. It travels North an South with me all year long and I write any bill I pay in it plus any appointments.🙏🌕🌑🌗🌓😍

Sophie J.

If the world moved through life with more focus on the moon and our natural cycles, we would live in such harmony and alignment. Thank you for spreading this magic with people everyday <3

Denise F.

The best diary on the market, I have been getting them for years & I wouldn’t be without one. I always get one for myself & one for a friend for Christmas. I love it & as I work on a couple of pages, I am so happy you are working on one for the Northern Hemisphere, as I have had many people ask about it.

Amy C.

I have owned Moontime Diaries in the past and this one is by far the best. It keeps my in sync… I know when my period is due based on the moon cycles. Xx

Raquel K.

I love this diary, it keeps me connected to the patterns of the universe/earth at a glance & assists me with holding state of balance.

Maria W.

I have found that being aware of the moon’s positions and phases, eclipses, retrogrades, equinoxes and solstices is very helpful on an everyday level in both your personal life and business so your Moontime Diary is the perfect go-to guide. Blessings 🙏