New Moon in Leo on Sunday 31 July 2011, 4:41 am

Leo is ruled by the sun and is associated with children, creativity, love relationships, one’s sense of fun and enjoyment of life, gambling, instinct. Leo’s colours are gold, deeper shades of yellow and orange. The Sun’s metal is gold.

Leo’s Crystals:
Rose Quartz: helps to open the heart.
Kunzite: helps to develop humility.
Fuchsite: assists you to recognise your own value.
New Moon – a Time to Set Positive Intentions

Dropping out-dated habits and succesfully replacing them with new and positive intentions and actions is best done every new moon. Setting intentions at a new moon begins a dialogue between yourself and your higher self, sun and moon, spirit and soul, ying and yang, positive and negative, expansion and contraction.
Take a moment and sit down, maybe with a candle burning and a crystal in your hand. Ponder and ask yourself some relevant questions related to issues associated with Leo. Give yourself a bit of time to listen, focus your thoughts, ideas and meditations on positive change and take notes.

Here are some examples:
How can I
• create the power of love? Rose Quartz
• overcome my pride? Kunzite
• express my unique qualities to the world? Fuchsite

The patterns, positive or negative, are set by the first quarter moon and continue to develop throughout the build up phase. A positive attitude towards overcoming obstacles (restrictions from the past) will affect an expansive and constructive period of growth. Reassess the situation, identify necessary changes and integrate your experiences as required.
Full Moon – Be Aware of Tensions

On August 14 the full moon will be in Aquarius and in six months the moon will be full in Leo. At both times your awareness regarding issues and projects initiated now will be coming to a head and a crisis of consciousness might be felt. Lovers, actors and artists may experience new heights of passion through creative expression. Beware of conflicts between you and your loved ones.

After the next full moon, the moon wanes and energies and tensions are released and flow out. This waning phase is the time to do hands-on work, consolidate and minimise, finish one cycle and prepare for the next.
Affirmation: I am accepting everyone with an open and loving heart.