Moontime Diary – FULL MOON IN PISCES


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After the Solar Eclipse on 1 September we now are building up to Full Moon in Pisces, a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 17 September, this coming Saturday morning! Mars squares the Sun, retrograde Mercury, Jupiter, the Moon and Chiron while Neptune squares Saturn….  and highlights issues around emotional pain, self worth,  daily routine, health and communication. Due to tensions running high it is difficult to handle negative emotions which are fueled by strong criticism, inner and outer conflict….

I don’t know about you, but I have felt pretty edgy over the last two weeks. I am doing all the re doing, re visiting, re writing, re checking to get things ‘right’ which Mercury retrograde in Virgo favors. Yet the earth moving machinery close by is badly affecting my sanity, work and daily routine!

Lunar Eclipse on 17 September 5:05 am 24 degrees Pisces

Because of the high tension in the air, it probably is smart to make some quiet time this Friday evening and watch the Full Moon rise at 6:19 pm AEST. Why not put your crystals out in the Moonlight tonight, maybe you like to light a candle, some incense, have a glass of water, juice or wine and hold your favorite crystal in your hand. Sit comfortably, inhale and exhale deeply until you relax and settle in.

Reflect on those last two weeks and identify what has been transpiring for you, what is being illuminated by this Full Moon in Pisces? Brainstorm and write down anything that comes to your mind. On pages 22 and 23 in your Moontime Diary 2016 you find especially relevant information and inspiration aligned to Pisces. 

The next two weeks until the next New Moon 1 October, are ideal to consolidate, clean up, let go of and phase out issues which are making your life difficult.

Simple Moon meditations such as this, bring back an awareness for seasons and cycles. Ultimately this helps us create a more healthy and wholesome life style in tune with nature.


Moontime Diary 2016


With Love n Moonlight,

Moontime Diary



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