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Moontime Diary 2017

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The Moontime Diary 2017, an Astrological diary in Australian times, is a great introduction for beginners and a most valuable resource for the professional Astrologer. It has an extensive section with planetary information, daily aspects and their interpretation, weekly and yearly forecasts and fabulous zodiac illustrations.

This astrological diary makes it easy for you to keep track of planetary movements. You can enter your own Horoscope and always have it handy when you are looking at the transiting planets.  You can cross-reference planetary positions and interpret aspects to your own chart with the help of Aspect Keywords. It has been a very valued tool for Astrologers all over Australia, and continues to bring practical and relevant content for all who are interested in celestial timing.

The Moontime Diary 2017 features all diary essentials plus:      moontime diary 2017

    • Beautiful Cover Art by Lily Moses  ‘NEW’
    • An Introduction on ‘How to fine tune to the Moon’
    • Best Moon Phases for Health, Beauty, Home and Garden
    • Daily Moon Phase, Position and Practical Pointers
    • Daily Planetary Aspects plus Aspect Interpretations
    • Weekly Astrology Forecast by Gisela Stieglitz  ‘NEW’
    • Yearly Astrology Forecast by Narelle Duncan  ‘NEW’
    • Monthly Planetary Tables and detailed Astrological Affinity Table
    • Female Fertility and Weaning Babies ‘NEW’
    • Moon Void of Course
    • Inspiring and Beautiful Zodiac Illustrations by Jake Baddeley  ‘NEW’
    • Pagan Observances
    • Crystal Cleansing and Programming and much more…..

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This astrological Moontime Diary for the year 2017 is adapted to the southern hemisphere. It uses Australian Eastern Standard Time and the Tropical Zodiac. The Moontime Diary 2017 is printed on 100% recycled paper, sturdy, slimline, just the right size to take with you in your handbag, have it on your desk, bedside table or kitchen counter. It is also great for planning health and beauty treatments, gardening activities and more – at the most opportune times.


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Moontime Diary 2017

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