Often People wonder why the Moontime Diary at the end of the daily header always indicates the element of the sign and also the nutrients and the part of plants which relate to this element. The elements are indicating the prevailing/likely atmosphere of these days which gives us further clues for timing.

On page 11 you find even more affinities relating to the signs and the body parts/systems. You can use this information to be more specific when tending to and supporting your body’s natural cycle. Gardeners too, use this to be more specific when tending to their plants.

The fire element relates tostrength, strong will and creative impulse.

Bonfire by Mooonlight

This energy adapts, depending on which of the three fire signs ( Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) the moon is in. On Fire days, we perceive the atmosphere usually as warmer or hot, even when the sun doesn’t shine and the temperature is low. It is the best time to tend to fruiting vegetables or trees, touching, speaking to, watering, fertilizing, picking leaves off and just getting everything right, is tending to the plant. If fruiting plants are being damaged on fire days, the effect is worse than if it happened in an air sign.

The earth element relates to matter, being practical and persevering, being grounded.

Harvest Moon.This energy adapts, depending on which of the three earth signs ( Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) the moon is in. When the moon moves through an earth sign, those days are perceived cooler and moist, even on hot days, the atmosphere is somewhat cool and moist, therefore always good to work in the garden, earth days are very fertile too.


The air element relates to thoughts and ideas, lightness, adaptability and scents.



Air Moon

This energy adapts, depending through which air sign the moon moves

through – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. When the moon is in an air sign, we perceive the atmosphere as light and airy, even on a cloudy day you would like your sunnies and find your washing on the washing line dries quickly. Therefore airing your bedding makes more sense on those days, compared to the water and earth days:)

The water element, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are water signs and very fertile too. Water relates to emotions, empathy, imagination and intuition.

Moontime Diary Cancer Moon

We perceive those days as moist, here in the tropics as humid, even if it is a sunny day. Water is very fertile and relates to the leafy part of the plant and tending to leafy plants is very beneficent for them. Anything which harms leafy plants is more damaging than on say fire days. Avoid airingbedding, particularly when the moon is waxing, because the bedding will absorb moisture, and get damp.

Water days are good for doing laundry, particularly at waning moon, however, it takes a bit longer to dry on the l