Tuesday, 21 August the moon is waxing in Libra

Moontime Diary beautiful homemeWe feel charming, social and diplomatic when the moon moves though Libra. Being ruled by Venus we  seek balance, harmony and beauty and on Libra moon days you feel happiest when you beautify yourself, your surroundings or it could even be your website. Being an air sign, it also favors paint and glue jobs.

The moon is currently waxing, growing, and cells are in absorption mode and therefore a nourishing skin treatment will be very beneficial.

Diplomacy and adaptability make today a rewarding day for business trips and networking. Later it is an excellent evening for the movies.

On Wednesday, 22  August

the moon is in Libra most of the day and moves into Scorpio at 5:55 pm.
Thursday 23 August, waxing moon in Scorpio, a water sign.

The water element relates to the leafy part of the plant and carbohydrates, both are the best source of energy on water moon days – and nights.

In the waxing phase cells absorb and retain moisture (plus anything dissolved in it). To avoid weight gain and make the most of today eat light and leafy meals .

Did you know that timber, like floor boards, absorbs moisture and expands too? Therefore avoid laying wooden floors in the waxing moon phase ( 14 days from new moon tofull moon). Just after the full moon, the impuls changes to waning and cells are releasing this moisture, they actually shrink and leave gaps between the boards.

Friday 24 August, the waxing moon is in it’s first quarter and void of course all day long before it moves into Sagittarius at 8:51 pm.

Another void of moon day, as usual, avoid starting new things, rather clean up and work on that which needs catching up. Or why not go out for a lovely walk and have lunch with friends?

Moontime Diary Family OutingSaturday 25 August, the moon is in Sagittarius

Sagittarius, half man half horse likes to the be spontaneous and is open to new and experimental ideas. This attitude gives you momentum. However! Legs tire easily when the moon moves through Sagittarius . Best to take it easy on your legs, particularly if you are taking  children along. They can get spooked and might grow to dislikehiking!!
Waxing and in a fire sign make Saturday and Sunday good days for hair colouring and streaks. You can experiment with a slightly shorter application time and less product strength.

Sun 26 voc from 4:40 pm to 11:59 pm ingress into Capricorn

Sagittarius, a fire sign relates to the fruit and seeds of the plant and protein. Both are the best resource of energy when the moon moves though fire signs.  In the waxing phase cells absorb and metabolize protein more readily. Avoid  exposing yourself to allergenic triggers if you have allergies.

In the second quarter now, Sagittarius moon is an ideal time to plant fruit trees and vegetables.

[youtube height=”auto” width=”auto”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mW-g2DXEbuA&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]

I wish you a fun week ahead experimenting with the moon

moon blessings