Your Moontime Diary 2023 will be available in August 2022         


Moontime Diary 2023 available soon
The Moontime Diary 2023, Australia’s #1 Moon Diary

Inspires and helps you navigate the whole year

In tune with nature’s seasons and cycles.

Practical daily tips aligned to the Moon phase and position

Guide you towards a healthier,

More organised and sustainable lifestyle.


Every Moontime Diary 2023 bought on this website receives a FREE Moontime Calendar 2023 to downloadYou can colour print it on A3, stick it on the door or wall, or use it as a desktop background or screen saver.

For People interested in:

  • Wellbeing ~ The Moon phases and zodiac sign position can help you gain the most of your health and beauty treatments.
  • Home and Environment ~ The Moontime Diary helps you time housekeeping chores and maintenance in tune with the lunar phases. This way, less effort will achieve great results.
  • Gardening ~ Considering the Moon phases and positions helps you grow healthy and nutritious food.
  • Astrology ~ The Moontime Diary provides detailed, accurate planetary data and astrological inspiration for every day and all ages.

The Moontime Diary 2023 ~ Available in August 2022

features all diary essentials plus:

  • Introduction: Why and how it works
  • Moon Times for Health and Wellbeing, Home and Garden
  • Daily, easy-to-follow tips aligned to the Moon
  • Weekly Thoughtful Inspirational Quotes
  • Yearly Planner 2023
  • Menstruation Moon Chart 2023
  • Super and Blue Moons, Eclipses, Equinoxes and Solstices
  • NEW: Significant dates for Australia’s First Nation People
  • Night skywatching events
  • Pagan Wheel of the Year
  • Moon void of course times
  • Illustrations by Katarzyna Bruniewska-Gierczak
  • Yearly Zodiac Forecasts by Narelle Duncan
  • Power to the People by Brian Clark
  • Astrological information includes daily astrological aspects, interpretations, monthly planetary tables (including Lilith, Chiron, and North Node), and a detailed Astrological Affinity Table.

Yes, there is a Moontime Diary for the Northern Hemisphere.
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Moontime Diary 2023 ~ Available in August 2022