Moontime Diary 2012 Your Astrological Moon Phase Diary

Today the waning moon in Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign, lends it self to teaching, study, philosophic topics and meditation to quieten our busy minds. Later at 4:04 pm she moves into Capricorn and flavors this weekend favorably for business negotiations and business brain storming.
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Tuning to the Moon Phase Calendar

Hi to a waxing moon in Gemini on this beautiful light summers day. Gemini relates to the flowering part of the plant. Tending to your flowers and flowering vegetables (like cauliflower, chamomile, cabbage, nasturtium, broccoli, marigold, sunflower, borage) supports the plants absorpti
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Moontime Diary: New Moon in Leo

New Moon in Leo on Sunday 31 July 2011, 4:41 am Leo is ruled by the sun and is associated with children, creativity, love relationships, one’s sense of fun and enjoyment of life, gambling, instinct. Leo’s colours are gold, deeper shades of yellow and orange. The Sun’s metal is gold. L
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Moontime Diary: Full moon and lunar eclipse bring opportunities

Moontime Diary: Full moon and lunar eclipse bring opportunities Tensions are coming to a head Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Gemini on Tuesday 21 Leading up to the Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Gemini on Tuesday, you may feel as though you have a lot of pent-up energy. Be aware of un
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Moontime Diary: Waning Moon Phase in Leo

Leo the fixed fire sign Today and tomorrow the Moon is waning in Leo. An excellent time for cleaning ( the moon is waning) windows and mirrors because the atmosphere is dry and hot which makes it easier to do a good job! Another day, for example an earth or water day, the atmosphere a
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Nuit Moontime Diary

Moon Deities

Moon Deities Artemis is probably the most well known moon goddess in our culture and is associated with the waxing moon. The Greek worshipped and paid homage to her on full moon nights by revelling in the forest under the moon’s light. Diana is the Roman version of Artemis. Ofte
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