Moontime PhasesThe beginning of this week looks good for buying and selling, but be careful with signing any contracts, because Mercury is still retrograde in Pisces (make sure there is nothing ‘fishy’ in the contract). Communication is intense on Wednesday, best to make yourself very clear and also listen attentively to what others have to say.

Today Monday 26 March 2012, the waxing moon moves through Taurus which makes this 

a favorable day to supplement your vitamin and mineral intake
an excellent day for buying and selling beautiful objects
a good time to attend to financial planning

Tuesday 27 March 2012, the waxing moon in Taurus ingresses into Gemini 9:44 pm
a great time to practice any desirable skills
indulge in a nourishing skin treatment
avoid mopping timber floors

Wednesday 28 March 2012, the waxing moon in Gemini is an
excellent time to meet friends and connect with new people
rewarding day for business trips and networking
avoid paint and paint strip jobs

Thursday 29 March2012, with moon in Gemini
light and colour therapy ( e.g. Aura-Soma) is very beneficial
good absorption and use of carbohydrates, weight gain
start growing sprouts for salads

Friday 30 March2012, the moon moves into Cancer at 10 am, a good time to
nurture your self, colleagues, clients and customers
sow and plant above-ground vegetables
water and fertilise plants

Saturday 31 March 2012, waxing moon in Cancer promotes
good absorption and use of carbohydrates, weight gain
giving or receiving a massage with jojoba or almond oil
great time to spend at home in the garden

Sunday 1 April 2012, voc from 2:21 pm to 6:36 pm ingress into Leo
a favourable day for maintenance and general clean-up jobs
mowing the lawn now encourages growth
avoid washing hair, it becomes unruly
Palm Sunday
End of Daylight Saving ( NSW, VIC, TAS, SA, ACT)

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Living in harmony with the seasonal, lunar and planetary cycles 

helps you make the most of your time and efforts 

while you are reducing your environmental foot print. 

Three helpful pointers every day help you tune to the moon

 it really is simple

with the Moontime Diary 2012