Best to mark this lunar event in your moon time diary for 28 Sept 2015

The Full Moon on Monday, September 28, 2015 is in 4 degrees ARIES at 12:50 pm. It happens to be a Total Lunar Eclipse with the Moon being closest to the earth resulting in a Super Moon. To top it all, this Super Full Moon is a Blood Moon as well, because it is the fourth Total Lunar Eclipse in a row in the last 2 years.
The eclipse is visible just about anywhere in the world however not in Australia since it is lunch time here (Australian Times) when the Moon is full. We’ll have the Sun in Libra right above us and know that the Moon in Aries is exactly opposite, right below us.

What does this mean on a practical level?
Next Friday, Saturday and Sunday most of us will feel the pressure rising as the Moon advances to oppose the Sun. Because it is quite an intense time, it is advisable to be cautious regarding alcohol, drugs and stimulants to avoid accidents, rash decisions and mega headaches or hangovers.
With Mercury being retrograde as well, one might want to consider cleaning the house, office or shop which is a safe and useful way to use deal with this energy. Reward yourself and indulge in a nurturing Lavender foot soak.
AND/Or 🙂 If you have sensitive feet, buy yourself some comfy shoes on the weekend. With Moon in Pisces so close to Full Moon, this is pretty much the best time of the year to do so!

It also is a wonderful time to prepare for a Full Moon rising celebration and observation on your own or with like minded for Sunday evening or Monday evening. 
So please stay safe everyone and exercise caution on the roads, at gatherings and at home.
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The Ram