Original Australian Moontime Diary
Australian Astrological Moontime Diary 2018 #MoonDiary #LunarDiary #AstrologicalDiary #MoonPhaseDiary #MoonCalendar #MoonChart #MoonPlantingGuide

Australian Astrological Moontime Diary 2018 #MoonDiary #LunarDiary #AstrologicalDiary #MoonPhaseDiary #MoonCalendar #MoonChart

Moontime Diary

Gardening by the Moon Phases

Many gardeners and farmers garden by the Moon phases. They successfully grow healthy and organic produce in tune with the Moon phases. You too can learn the Art of Gardening by the Moon.

Traditionally most cultures gardened and farmed according to the cycles of the Moon. They also managed their forests and animals, fished and built in tune with natural cycles. Herbalists harvested, preserved and even prepared herbs in tune with the Moon …..

Why Gardening by the Moon Phases?

Because the Moon governs our life-giving water element, and hence the growth and decay cycle of all things organic and inorganic. For example, to be able to harvest a good crop in autumn, it is vital to prepare the soil, plant, fertilise and harvest at the most opportune times of the season.

Did you know that:

  • During the waxing Moon (from new to full Moon) the Earth is releasing nutrients and plants absorb them?
  • During the waning Moon (from full to new Moon), plants release nutrients  by dropping leaves, fruit and branches which then break down on into mulch?
  • If you want to encourage strong and healthy regrowth, mow your lawn in the waxing Moon phase in a ‘water sign’.
  • If you want to retard the growth because you don’t want to mow often, then mow in the waning phase in Aquarius?
  • The four elements play a key role?


Australian Astrological Lunar Diary 2018

Australian Astrological Lunar Diary 2018

It is easy with the Moontime Diary 2018, where you have all the daily info and practical tips already tuned to the Moon.

The Moontime Diary 2018 explains, in an easy to read introduction, how the Moon influences our life cycles. It features useful tables with a large variety of gardening activities from composting to pruning and grafting, mowing lawns and more.  Everyday, practical pointers to help you to use the Moon to your best advantage.

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Seasonal Planting Guide



The Seasonal Subtropical Planting Guide is designed for beginners to access what to plant month by month.  It includes Vegetables, Roots, Flowers, Herbs and Green Manures.  Edible plants can be dangerous to our native ecosystems and so all possible escapees are marked in red so you can research and make sure you are able to keep them under control, harvest the fruits and seeds, and avoid the ones that are definitely not suitable in your garden plan. The graphics are sacred geometry and are a powerful subliminal light language that will bring you abundance and help you to remember your connection to the source of all creation.


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How does the Moon affect Your

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