Water Lilies

Water Lilies by Monet

Full Moon in Pisces ~ The Urge to Merge

Today’s Full Moon in Pisces joins Chiron and this combination mellows the often tense Full Moon energy into a soft and empathetic healing energy.

It is an excellent time to retreat to a nice watery location, the sea, a lake or a lovely pond with Water Lilies and take time out to meditate, day dream or be creative. Nurture your soul anyway that suits you or look after someone who needs healing and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how soothing this day can be.

Pisces is a feminine water sign and rules the feet! If you need to do some shopping therapy or if your feet are the most delicate part of your body, go and buy yourself some comfortable shoes ~ who says your soul does not reside in your feet?

Pisces Full Moon blurs the boundaries and we have the urge to merge. We tend to be more idealistic and we don’t perceive reality as it is, but does it matter? Things rarely are as we think they are or should be. So avoid making big decisions or insisting on focus and discipline. Rather take this opportunity to let go of angst and  see the beauty of nature surrounding us ~ flowers, children, music or art….

Ideally, we use today and ponder what we would like to let go of and start eliminating those aspects in the next two weeks while the Moon is waning. The New Moon in Libra (24 September) will make it easy to finally drop that issue and set intentions for the next cycle.

Enjoy this Full Moon in Pisces in all it’s glory,

Love n Moonlight



Iris at the Beach in Angourie