Today 4 November 2012

Moontime Diary - Brain Creativity The days when the moon is in Leo, a fire sign, are usually dry and have a particular quality of warmth to them. In summer it is important to stay well hydrated as we often experience peak temperatures and storms on Leo moon days.

People are at ease, want to have fun, love flirting and being creative. If a Leo moon aspects your personal chart you will feel this playful energy more strongly. In any case, using the time creatively will lead to brilliant  outcomes.

Creativity is a combination of imagination – seeing in the spiritual world, inspiration – breathing in the spiritual world and intuition – living in the spiritual word (beautiful definition; these are not my own words, they are from a recent anthroposophical talk). When the moon is moving through the sign of Leo we are being immersed in it’s ‘leonine atmosphere’ .   This  impulse fuels our imagination and inspires us to be artistic, creative and proud of ourselves and our creations.

It also is a good day for an appointment where one needs to make a good impression.

Wednesday 5 December 2012

the moon is void of course for just about all day! What does that mean? On the one hand, don’t start anything new, rather consolidate, clean up and do those things that help you get organised. And on the other end of the spectrum, this is a great day to luxuriously laze about. If you go shopping, you most likely end up buying expensive things which won’t be used very often and collect dust.

Thursday 6 December and Friday 7 December 2012

The days when the waning moon is in Virgo, an earth sign, usually feel a bit cooler. Virgo moon blesses us with an eye for detail, an appreciation for analysis and a need for perfection. These are the best days to do some bookkeeping, sort  through emails, letters, get all communications up to date.

Alsoa good time for dental work  because the dentist too would aim for perfection.

Wish you enjoyable summer days and moon blessings