Moontime Diary Moon CycleMonday 12 November 2012


The 3.5 – 0 days before New Moon, when the Moon is less than 45 degrees behind the Sun.

Start to think about the next cycle and feel what plays a large part in your life. Look, see ahead and view your preferred results. Prepare for the next New Moon which begins another cycle.

On Wednesday 14 November at 9am AEST the Scorpio New Moon is also a Total Solar Eclipse (visible only in the northern end of Queensland). Marking as all new moons an ending, this is the time to let go of those things, projects, hopes and maybe even people that no longer serve our life’s purpose. During the solar eclipse the Scorpio suns energy is being blocked by the Scorpio moon. This helps to break down negative patterns related to Scorpio and to transform and direct this energy into a new more positive direction. Effectively, we are being asked to become aware and let go of suppressed and unconscious feelings like revenge, cruelty, perversion, loss, betrayal and abandonment. We need to clear out space and create a vacuum for the new to come because at the same time, a new impulse is being releasedand we are at the beginning of a new cycle.

NEW MOON the 0 – 3.5 days after New Moon
The Moon moves from 0 to 45 degrees ahead of the Sun.
Sun and Moon are conjunct and release a new impulse.
Brainstorm alone or with others and bring forth new ideas, start new projects.

To live in tune with the Moon Phases all you really need is a Moontime Diary 2013: