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Celebrate this beautiful Super Full Moon @MoontimeDiary @Byron Bay #SuperMoon #Diary #Lunar

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 This Taurus Super Full Moon rises on Monday 7:17 pm and on Tuesday at 8:18 pm on the Eastern seaboard of Australia.

The Full Moon will be exact at 22° Taurus on Tuesday early morning, 0:51 am, when it stands highest in the sky.

I quote wikipedia here: “A supermoon is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach (perigee) the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit. This results in the largest apparent size of the lunar disk as seen from earth.”

Super Full Moontime Diary

Celebrate with this beautiful Full Moon Lantern @MoontimeDiary @Byron Bay #SuperMoon #Diary #Lunar

Supermoons happen 4-6 times a year and appear up to 14% larger and more intense. WHY IS THIS ONE SPECIAL?

This upcoming Super Full Moon in Taurus is the second last Supermoon this year. It is special because the Moon is closest to the earth since 1948 and it won’t be that close again until 2034!

This Super Full Moon is exact when it stands highest in the sky just after midnight, sextiling (beneficial aspect) Chiron the wounded Healer and still in good contact with Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius are sextile as well therefore making Monday and Tuesday perfect days to pause, think and feel about what is going on in your life right now.

According to Hindu sages and Tibetan lamas, around New and Full Moons energetic doorways open and we are more receptive to insights. What better time to ask yourself some deep and meaningful questions and become aware of what this Full Moon in Taurus illuminates for you.


Taurus by Jake Baddeley @MoontimeDiary @ByronBay #JakeBaddeley #Moon #Diary #Lunar #IntentionSetting

Align yourself to Venus ruled Taurus Energy:

Tracey Stranger, Australian author, Astrologer and leader for inner stillness has developed this wonderful ‘Zodiac Serenity Collection’  which will be released this November.

I am thrilled to present you here with a full length Taurus Teaser, the first of 3 Taurus Tracks:

Click  here and Relax

This wonderfully guided meditation aligns you with Taurus energy and allows you to gain valuable insights into issues and personal patterns relating to Taurus.


I will feature Tracey’s ZODIAC ALIGNMENT meditations in the coming blogs and newsletters. Then you will also be able to purchase TRACK 2: INSPIRATION AND TRACK 3: SERENITY.


Moontime Diary 2017 @IrisDetenhoff @ByronBay #HealthAndMoon #OrganicGardening #MoonAstrology

Want to be healthy and organised in 2017?

To find out more about the Moon and practical Astrology

Check out the Moontime Diary 2017

This Moontime Diary is here to help you navigate your health, home and garden in tune with nature’s seasons and cycles. You will discover how the Moon’s cycle influences you and your surroundings.

Specific tips every day make it easy to achieve better results in your garden and from appointments for dental, massage and beauty treatments, cleaning windows, moving house … just to mention a few.

Fine tune to the moon and turn 2017 into a healthy and organised year for you.


And remember ~ the Full Moon is rising on Monday at 7:07 pm and at 8:18 next on Tuesday


Check out the Moontime Diary 2017

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